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  • Mamiraua Reserve - Amazon Rain Forest

    Dear Yannick,

    Today we don't have wind, so I have time to write you about the Uacari Lodge. But first I want to thank you for your taking care for our luggage and sending it to Prea.

    At the Uacari Lodge, Iris, the young woman who was managing everything, she did it really nice and caring. And we had a really good and nice guide, Amil, who was with the two of us for the whole week, going most of the time with the canu through the fludded forest looking for and finding several animals. This was the most impressing experience, hearing nothing else than the voices of the birds and the monkeys, frogs and so on and this for several hours each day, four in the morning and nearly three the late afternoon.

    But I think you have to stay for one week because otherwise you go most of the time with a group with the motorboat.
    And I think it is also better to be there when everything is fludded, like we did because walking makes more noise.
    The food also is good if you like fish, what we do with fishes from the Amazon each day.

    I hope, you can get an impression of the special situation there.

    Best wishes

    Message de Ursula & Peter Schuster

    Date: 18/08/2014
  • Fernando de Noronha, Sous le Soleil exactement et Salvador de Bahia

    Bonjour Yannick,

    We had a wonderful time in Brasil and we are very happy with your services.

    Everything worked perfectly, the only glitch being the Sao Luiz posada, but we understand things like this can happen in a long and complex trip like ours; finally, it did not spoil our overall very positive feeling.

    The guides were excellent:
    Andrea and Gilbert really are outstanding and we would come back any time and travel with them again and again.

    The drivers (boats and 4x4) were also pitch perfect and always in time throughout the trip.

    We really loved two of the hotels we stayed in: Rancho do Peixe and Villa Bahia; excellent structure and location, great staff and service. The others were also good, no complaints at all, but these two were really the highlights of our honeymoon.

    Retrospectively, we would have spend an extra couple of days in FdN (amazing place and hotel); one extra day in Atins (we really loved the place and the pousada), one night more at Rancho do Peixe and only 1 or 2 nights in Jericoacoara (coming from FdN, Lençoes, Atins and Prea, Jeri looked like a tourist trap to our spoiled senses).
    But of course we can only tell at the end of the trip, once we have visited them all.

    I let Philippe add from his side, but efinitely we came back with a big smile on our faces.

    Sorry I used english but it comes easier to me...

    Thanks again and to the next trip,

    Message de Filippo

    Date: 28/08/2013
  • Buggy Boogie

    Hi Paula

    We adored our buggy trip and found it to be a very memorable trip. Gianni, our driver was superb.

    Happy New Year to you.


    Message de Helen Richardson

    Date: 31/12/2011
  • Alter do Chão + São Miguel dos Milagres + Rio de Janeiro

    Hi Paula

    We have had an absolutely wonderful time in Brazil and its largely thanks to your bookings. Pousada Origami in Sao Miguel dos Milagres was fantastic - Markus is a very good host and the food and accommodation were both outstanding. We can highly recommend it to your future customers.

    We have also loved Rio - quite a change of pace, but good in a different sort of way.

    We have found a place to stay in Copacabana for our last night - its just a few miles up the road - so all is well there and we fly back tomorrow midday. We'll be very sad to leave but also we are looking forward to sharing all our wonderful experiences with our friends and family.

    Best of wishes for the New year and 2012


    Message de Karen Lucas

    Date: 29/12/2011
  • Rio de Janeiro + Olinda + Fernando de Noronha + Alter do Chão + Salvador + Iguaçu Falls


    I really would like to say thank you for all the trip you organized for us. Everything was perfect and above the line of our expectations.

    I wish you all the best for your company and if you want you can publish this on your new website:

    " Alter-nativ Bresil ha organizzato il nostro viaggio di nozze nel migliore dei modi. abbiamo viaggiato dall'equatore al
    tropico del capricorno e abbiamo potuto contare su una organizzazione efficiente e vicina alle nostre esigenze,
    che ha costruito per noi un viaggio su misura.
    Le guide parlanti italiano, gli alberghi e tutti i servizi a terra sono stati in linea e superiori alle nostre aspettative.
    Paula Cardoso è una persona che saprà farvi scoprire il migliore Brasile"

    Dott. Alex Vetri

    Message de Alex Vetri

    Date: 14/07/2011
  • Buggy Boogie

    Dear Yannick,

    The holidays have ended several weeks ago, but the memories of our stay in Brazil remain etched in our memory as moments of joy and conviviality relaxing. A big thank you for your hospitality and the values ??that you have been able to instil in this circuit.

    Of course, we went to Brazil by chance the first time. Today, we are sure that one day we will return in part because this past week in your company.

    This descent to the coast of the Northeast has really been a great success, and our kids had a wonderful milestone, which was our goal well by selecting this route. Remain etched in our memory, in bulk, the reception of Brazilians in general, the kindness and attention at all times of our two buggeiros Janilson and Gaucho, our discussions and the quality of your reception, lunches and dinners of fish and fried manioc or moqueca in the beachside restaurants, the feeling of freedom before these immense spaces and beautiful buttocks skiing in the dunes, the crossings "sport" of streams, downhill dune buggy, the raft ride, fishermen in the early morning, the breathtaking scenery, the ride in a cart along the sea, naps in a hammock, the caipirinha, Galineos, an introduction to capoeira, the list is too long! They are exceptional family memories!

    We talk about this trip with enthusiasm around us and we have already helped to give your details to our good friends! As for us, obviously we will certainly not appeal to you for our next trip (maybe not the? Next year but soon we hope!)

    A big thank you for a great time!

    Message de Anne et Christian Polge

    Date: 17/09/2009