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Mamiraua Reserve


The Mamirauá Reserve, located near the little town of Tefé about 525 km from Manaus, is the biggest varzea (ecosystem formed by a forest inundated by sediment rich rivers, with many canals and lakes) protected by Brazil and also the first Sustainable Development Reserve to be opened to ecotourism.


Here, you can get to know this awesome region of Rio Solimões and observe its rich flora and fauna with endemic spaces like for example, the uakari white monkey, the symbol of the reserve. You can also see the howler monkey (guaribas), the robust tufted capuchin (macaco-prego), the capuchin monkey (macaco-de-cheiro), sloths, the caymans, the dolphins of the Amazon, among which are the famous pink dolphins (botos) and the cougar. For birdwatchers, more than 400 species have already been identified in the reserve like the majestic royal harpy eagle Harpia harpyja as well as the strange hoatzin Opisthocomus hoatzin that looks like a primitive bird. The varzea is also very rich in fish; a species symbolic of the region is the pirarucu (a huge fish whose scales can be used as a nail file).