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Fernando de Noronha


You can believe all that you have heard about the marvels of the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, your friends have not exaggerated in their descriptions and the photographs that you have seen in the magazines have not been rigged. At Noronha, it does not matter on which beach you are, the view angle that you choose or the camera that you use, all your photographs will turn out good. In this Marine National Park the crystal clear waters, rocks, cliffs, vegetation, all are of an excellent quality, and have been cleverly measured by someone who is well versed in paradise. Under water, you will come across a fauna that you rarely see so close to firm ground. And if you are not fond of under-water diving, just a pair of binoculars would be enough to see the acrobatics show by dolphins which takes place every day at 6 a.m. on a beach which is strictly reserved.


You will enjoy:


  • the natural swimming pool of the beach of Atalaia, it is the best place of the island for diving without breathing apparatus.


  • the beach of Sancho.


  • the sunset at the São Pedro Fort.


Marine national Park


Between Recife and Natal, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, cut off from the world, the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha extends over 112km and is made up of 21 islands, islets and rocks of volcanic origin. The main island, Fernando de Noronha has an area of 17km2. The national marine Park created in 1988 by .the IBAMA (Brazilian Institute for the protection of the environment), covers 70% of the archipelago and its aim is the preservation of the large ecological wealth of this part of nature miraculously preserved from the massacres of civilisation. Different projects are developed there like for example, the project Tamar which studies and protects the sea turtles and protects sea turtles (every day, you can attend superb talks in Portuguese or in English, at the centre of Projeto Tamar) or even the project Golfinho rotador (turnkey dolphin) which protects sea mammals of the same name that one can see spin around each day at dawn in the Baia dos golfinhos.


Scuba diving


Luke warm waters, a visibility of 30 to 40 metres and an extremely rich aquatic fauna make Fernando de Noronha one of the best spots for diving in the world. There are 230 different species of fish, 15 varieties of coral and 5 types of sharks scattered in different places between the «outer» sea and the inner sea where all level diving is possible.