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Located at the confluence of the Pará and Guamá rivers, Belém, the port of entry to the Amazon was at its peak during the rubber boom (end of the 18th, beginning of the 19th century). It was so prosperous that it became a cultural centre exerting its influence all over the world. The Emílio Goeldi park, the Teatro da Paz and the Ver-o-Peso market are remind us of that beautiful era. This huge open air bazaar in Belém is also the biggest market in north Brazil. All products consumed by the Amazonian people are found here: fish, shrimp, fruits, medicinal herbs etc. A walk through its streets will give you a foretaste of the Amazon. If you visit Belém in October, do not miss the Cirio de Nazaré, one of the biggest religious events of Brazil.


You will love:


  • The Ver-o-Peso market(literally “see the weight”) showcases a spectacular variety of tropical fruits and fish of the Amazon. Fishing boats unload their catch, often as huge as 90 kg! At the end of the market, the Feira do Açaí is the exclusive purveyor of small açaï coconuts that are the basic ingredient of several local dishes.


  • The Emílio Goeldi Museum with its garden full of tropical plants.


  • At the end of the day, go and have a glass of wine in Estação das docas, the old warehouses there have been restored and transformed into a cultural centre with restaurants, bars and theatre.


  • The Sacred Art Museum. In the ancient renovated Episcopal palace this is a fabulous place that is a must-see. More than 320 mainly baroque works are beautifully exhibited by amazing lighting.


Culinary specialities: pato no tucupi (tucupi duck), tacaca and several fruits of the Amazon.